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A new tiny love is joining your family. What occasion could be more important to capture than this one?  The support of your partner, the amazing strength you didn’t know you had, the looks on your faces when the baby arrives, the first time you hold and nurse your tiny newborn – These are moments, full of love and joy, that happen once in a lifetime and can be remembered clearly with the help of photographs.

First step…

Please contact me with your expected due date, your midwife or OB’s name, and the delivery location (name of hospital or your town if a homebirth). I will get back to you with availability and pricing.

Getting to know each other…

The next step is to have a phone chat or an in person meeting. I can answer any questions you have, and it’s important to make sure that we’re a good fit, that you feel comfortable with me, and that you believe I will be a positive addition to your birth team. Everyone at the birth will have some effect on your experience. Sometimes a phone call is all it takes to make sure we connect. I would like to meet you in person before the birth if possible. A maternity photo shoot is a great time for that, but if you won’t be having one, and if we live fairly close to each other, we can set a time to get together.

Awaiting baby…

Beginning at 38 weeks, I will be on call day and night, waiting for word that the baby is on the way. You will keep me updated via text about any signs of labor, and let me know when labor begins. It’s good to make sure your partner and your doula, if you have one, have my phone number as well. I will arrive at the delivery location (home or hospital) when you are in active labor, and stay until an hour or two after the baby is born. Every birth is unique. I decide when to head your way based on information from you and from my experience, and my intuition plays a big role too.

Having your labor and birth photographed…

There are few things more beautiful than a person bringing a new life into the world. A professional photographer knows how to create art and capture the beauty of this special event. I’m also a trained birth doula, and while I’m not practicing as one, this means that I have knowledge about birth, and great respect for the sacred space and time. I can sense when you want quiet, when you need my hand to hold or an encouraging word spoken, and when a particular position or a touch from your partner might be beneficial. If I see you are receiving the support you need, you might hardly realize I’m there. I follow your lead and I add some positive and calming energy to the room. With appreciation for the process, I focus on documenting the emotion, anticipation, excitement and pure joy.

Your pictures…

I will send you a picture or two or more within 24 hours of your baby’s birth. You may want to use this for social media announcements. Approximately four-six weeks later, you will receive an online slideshow, set to music, and a photo gallery of your baby’s birth story. The images will be professionally edited, and you may order prints and download the high resolution files from the gallery. Also, in those first days/weeks/months, feel free to reach out to me to talk about your birth experience, or about any feelings you are having. Having a new baby is wonderful, and it’s also a challenging time. I can listen, and I can connect you with resources if you need someone to talk to, postpartum doula help, breastfeeding support, and community with other new moms. I’m here for you.

More information…

You can reach me at or using the contact link above. Having your baby’s birth photographed is an amazing opportunity and a decision I believe you will forever be glad you made. I look forward to hearing from you.

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