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“Because it is where we live” (Photography in Central New Jersey)

“We currently live in a temporary, slightly crowded townhome. I am of course open to having photos there because it is where we live and where we do our every day activities. Most important to me is that I have the ability to capture some precious memories of me and my babies before they get bigger and less innocent 🙂 I have moments in my day where I wish someone was there with a camera to capture special moments that I have with my kids. It is my own photographer’s mind thinking “gosh, I wish someone could snap a picture of this moment.” I have even asked my husband to capture a moment but he just doesn’t have a clue. Ever since I saw your page for the first time, I have always wanted you to photograph my family. It is taking a lot for me to even put in for your pay what you can because I personally don’t feel like I could put a price on your photography. Almost every photo you have taken is priceless to me and it isn’t even my family SO, I am hopeful that we will be chosen as a family that you photograph this month. It would really mean so much to me.”

Obviously, I cried when I read these words on a Pay What You Can submission last year. Devon is a mom, a paramedic, and (I dont know how she does all this) the owner of Belly Bean Photography in Central New Jersey. Devon told me she already has a family photographer whom she adores and will continue to use for studio photography. But our styles are totally different, and she wanted to see her family through my eyes.

We scheduled her family photo session for her Birthday! What a cool way to celebrate. This is Devon’s family. They have since moved, and I’m so glad they can look back at the details of what their life was life then!
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