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Birth Doulas of New Jersey

It’s World Doula Week (okay, it was when I started this post), and I love doulas! A quick Google search will give you lots of info about what birth doulas do and why they are valuable. They are so valuable. Here you can see, in photos, some of the beautiful support they provide.

Although I’m not practicing as a doula, I have been through Birth Arts International birth doula training, and I also attended an advanced doula training led by Gena Kirby and Debra Pascali-Bonaro. I love learning everything I can about birth and knowing ways I can support my photography clients. However, my passion is in the documenting. I love being there in the room as a positive calming presence, holding space for the birthing person. I’ll hold a hand when I see one needs to be held, and can offer ideas for comfort measures or questions to ask providers, but for my clients who would like more support than that, I absolutely recommend hiring a doula.

The doulas pictures here, all of whom I recommend, are Thalla-Marie, Anne, Emily, Ina, Angela, Deby, and Jess. Another favorite of mine is Jen. Be sure to visit Whole Mother Village for doula services and more. And some other doulas to check out, whom I hope to work with in the future, are Roseanne (we’ll be at a birth together in August, woohoo), Kim, Cindy (my doula trainer and a super cool person), Premier Doulas, Christine, and Debi. So many good ones, and I know I’m missing a bunch!

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If you are expecting a baby and and have started researching birth doulas and birth photography, I would love to hear from you!