I returned to the New Jersey home of baby Nicholas a couple weeks after his birth. (Click here if you haven’t seen his birth yet!) I love newborn sessions because babies are only this tiny and new for such a short time, and their parents and siblings are in complete awe of them.

The postpartum period is such a sacred time, and it’s important to me that newborn sessions be comfortable and relaxed. I want families to stay in their cozy homes. When they look back on these pictures in the future, I want them to see not just the details of their baby, but the details of their life.

bergen county newbornbergen county newbornbergen county newbornbergen county newborn

If you live in northern New Jersey or New York City and are expecting or have a new baby, I would love to talk with you about a newborn session. Contract me using the link above (or below if you’re on a phone).

Families in New Jersey sure love fall mini sessions! It’s so BEAUTIFUL here this time of year.  :)I was happy when these family friends of ours were interested in a photo shoot. They said they wanted mostly pictures of the kids, but I’m not always great at following directions, and the mom and dad were way too cute together not to get some pictures of the two of them.  :)

paramus family photographerparamus family photographerparamus family photographer

These pictures have taken me over a year to blog. This happens when I can’t find the words to express the emotions that come with the pictures. I still can’t find them, but I’m going to do my best.

In September 2013, I photographed the birth of baby Benjamin. His birth was beautiful and perfect, peaceful and joyous. Benjamin was here in his little body for five weeks. In that short time and in the two years since, his effect on the world has been big. The love and community, strength and light I saw after his death shaped the way I look at the world. Time is so precious. Every moment with a child is valuable. Bad things happen. People continue living. Good things happen. Benjamin’s mom, Kelly,  is like no one I’ve ever met. She’s like a ray of light, with a smile so pure and genuine that you can’t help but feel love when you see it.

When she told me they were expecting another baby, my heart felt full. I was so happy for her and her family. And in October 2014, I was at their home for another beautiful and perfect, peaceful and joyous birth. Nicholas was born. He turned one a couple weeks ago.  :) Here, in pictures, is the story of his birth…

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Kelly wants parents who have lost an infant to know that they are not alone.  She recommends the SIDS Foundation as a resource.

Also, as a doula, yoga instructor and educator, Kelly supports expectant and new moms, including those who are going through what she has gone through.



  • Virginia Amalfi - November 15, 2015 - 7:13 pm

    I just view your photo’s giving birth on Facebook. We don’t know eachother But I just want to say you’re one brave woman and your baby is one lucky baby. Your husband has to be one strong man that loves you dearly. Congratulations.

I felt a connection with Laura as soon as I met her. When I learned that she’s an EFT tapping practitioner, I daydreamed about how cool it would be to do a barter with her. And then we manifested that.  :)She helped me uncover and work through emotions I didn’t realize I had buried and been affected by for years and years. And I spent some time with her and her husband and their little guy, and captured so much love and joy during their winter family photo shoot. I loved my time with them in their cozy home. I loved that they were totally up for a hike in the snow. There is such beautiful light in the winter, and so much light emanating from this family.


I hope you will check out Laura’s website. She writes about using tapping to work through fertility issues, financial stress, and other common challenges. She is so open and authentic and caring, and I’ve learned so much working with her.

  • Ann Cullen Gregor - November 8, 2015 - 8:01 pm

    Beautiful pictures!!

Every once in a while I offer a special day of “Mommy and Me” mini sessions. I love capturing the mother/baby bond. When I posted a picture on Facebook from this session, this is what I wrote…

I was so happy this little boy wanted to nurse while his mom was carrying him in their sling during their Mommy and Me photo shoot. I know his mama has already been, and will continue to be an inspiration to many. Her baby was born at 30 weeks and spent six weeks in the NICU. She pumped for him and wasn’t able to breastfeed for the first four months. At four months, she realized he was tongue tied and took him for an evaluation, and it took two more months to retrain his latch and teach him how to nurse. At seven months old, they were able to stop pumping and bottles and finally nurse full time. She told me, “I am so grateful I never gave up despite how hard it was!”



  • Maureen Dawn McGowan Toussas - November 16, 2015 - 3:05 am

    What beautiful photos and what an amazingly strong momma. Glad baby is healthy and clearly happy!