I have a lot of love for this family. I want my photo shoots to be spontaneous and child-led, and to show real life, and these moms really let that happen. When their two year old son, who has autism, wanted to get in the pool, which we hadn’t planned, they got right in there with him. If they had any self-consciousness about being in a bathing suit, or any feeling about how the shoot should go differently, they didn’t let those get in the way of what would bring their son joy. And his joy brought joy to them, and I love seeing it in these pictures.N01N02N03

These adorable boys wanted to stay nice and close to their mom and dad during our fall photo shoot, and that was perfect because I love photographing family snuggles.

And then they wanted to run around in the leaves for a while, and that was perfect, too.

I especially LOVE these mom and little boy pictures. ♥B1B2

In November, my friend’s in-laws where visiting, and they all wanted to get some pictures of the whole family together. It was a chilly afternoon that turned into one of my favorite ever extended family photo shoots. They walked around and explored the Botanical Gardens, snuggled with the kids, and smiled a lot. I LOVE so many of these pictures. The light was beautiful that day, and the expressions relaxed and genuine.