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Beautiful words from my “pay what you can for family photography” submissions

These are some of the powerful and heartwarming responses I’ve received in my “pay what you can for family photography” questionnaires. I am LOVING reading these.

“Your photography is raw. It’s real. It doesn’t try to stage things perfectly. It captures the moment as it passes, as a quiet observer off to the side. Your photos show the love between family members with just a simple glance or a simple touch. You capture kids as kids, in their most real genuine moments. And not just kids, parents too. But somehow you make the beauty that we miss, as we live the moment, stand out when we look at your photos.”


“The days go by so fast and it’s so sad I haven’t captured a picture of the four of us.”

“If I could pay you ten times this I would because you are worth every penny, but unfortunately with our growing family it doesn’t fit the budget.”

“Well, the pictures you capture of families in their home just BEING and so full of joy, it really grabs at my heart. That’s what I would love. As mom, I’m never in the pictures unless I take a selfie.”

“I can look back on your pictures you took of our family and can feel every emotion from that time period, and they bring back the best memories.”

“It’s so great to be carefree and calm and not judged.”

“I’m reluctant to be photographed. But then I read what you wrote about seeing myself in the photos as the way my children see me… And I started to cry. I know my children see my body as beautiful.”

More tears!

If you haven’t read about my April experiment yet, you can find the information here, along with the questionnaire to submit if you would like me to photograph your family this month. I would estimate that my time is about 25% filled, so if you can submit this weekend, that will be great!

Some unrelated pictures, because they are cute…

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