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Your family. In your home. Around your neighborhood

Do you hire a professional photographer to photograph your family? You do? That’s awesome! You have a virtual thumbs up and big smile from me! You are doing something that will be super important now and in the future for yourself and your children. Next question. Have you had your family photographed where you live? In your home? Around your neighborhood? If not, I encourage you to go for it!

To look through photographs with your kids and see your everyday life in them is everything. You probably do this now, swiping through pictures on your phone. Isn’t it special to hear your kids saying, “That’s when we had went for ice cream!” Or “There’s me and Daddy!” Now imagine going beyond the selfies and snapshots. To having a weekend morning at home captured, when you can be completely present with your family. Imagine looking through the images and seeing the table where you eat breakfast together every morning, the bin of little boys shoes that will so soon be big boy shoes. Your kids seeing themselves riding their tricycle and bikes on your own street. Going to the places you go every week. Where would you stop? A favorite store or restaurant or playground? Imagine seeing your own face – not just at that flattering selfie angle – but so filled with LOVE and JOY in a beautiful photograph of you looking at your child.

When you book your family photo shoot this year, will you consider having it not in a pretty park you’ve never been to, or a studio with perfect lighting, but where you live and love? Where your life takes place?

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