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Playground time – Bergen County Child Photographer

These pictures make me happy because they could so easily be of my family, or of any other family with young kids. It’s an ordinary afternoon at the playground, like we have all the time. And sometimes we forget how special an ordinary afternoon in the park really is.  I get lots of reminders to be present and enjoy these times, and these pictures are another reminder of that.  🙂

I also want to share what I wrote on Facebook about this shoot, because so many of us get it, and so many of us have a hard time realizing that whatever our kids – or we – are wearing, it’s good enough.

When I asked this mom if she knew what her boys would be wearing, she said, “I consider it a win when they put clothes on.”  So I love this family photo because I think it’s representative of life with two little ones. Who out there can totally relate? Little bit hectic and a lot wonderful. 



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