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Waterbirth at Home – NJ Birth Photographer

Two years ago, I met a lovely couple when they brought their daughter for an Under The Nile model shoot. I was surprised to see them soon after that at a community potluck with new friends. The mom and I continued to see each other on Facebook and in person, and I was so happy when she contacted me about photography for the birth of her second baby.

You’ve seen the joy of this family here and here on my blog, and I hope you will enjoy these pictures from the beautiful Paramus home waterbirth of their second baby girl. A mutual Facebook friend commented that this mother makes “birth look effortless and dreamy,” and while I know there certainly was effort put into the birthing of this baby, she really did make it look (almost) easy. And the presence during every moment, the knowledge of and trust in the birth process, and the love and passion and happiness of the mother and father and their midwives did indeed make this birth completely dreamy! This is what birth can be like!

I am so grateful to these parents for allowing me to document the birth of their daughter, and to share it with you. And I did go back for a visit a couple weeks later, so I look forward to sharing those pictures soon!


Doris B. Muller-Schroeder - September 26, 2014 - 2:40 am

So very, very beautiful! What a wonderful thing to experience!

Elizabeth Cicetti Devaney - October 8, 2014 - 3:30 am

As usual…..Meagan! You captured it….amazing gorgeous work…..