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Meet Maegan

Hi, I’m Maegan! (MAY-gen DOH-er-tee) Thank you for visiting my website. 🙂 I’ve been photographing families in Northern NJ and NYC for ten years. I love love love that this is my work and my life. As my own life has changed over the past decade (becoming a mom, leaving my corporate career, personal growth), my style has developed and evolved from portrait to lifestyle to more documentary. Real life is what I love to capture – those sweet moments we experience and the feelings that come with them that we want to always remember.

My high-school sweetheart husband and I have been together for 21 years (!!!) and we have two awesome little boys. Xander is almost 8 and Jasper is 5. Our small house is usually messy and always cozy. We have made a life that is simple and abundant with things we enjoy, most importantly time together. My days and nights are filled with flexibility, work I love to do, close friends, and little boy snuggles I can’t get enough of.

Life is not always easy. Sometimes even the smallest challenges feel really big. But photography (among other things) has taught me to be present and to see the beauty where I otherwise might not. There are so many moments with my family when I think about how lucky I am to be a parent and to have this time with my kids. My passion is to help other people see the beauty in their lives. I want you to have some of your precious moments frozen, so you can see and feel them again and again.

Here we are in some family selfies, during our 2015 road trip to Montana and back, and on a hike here in New Jersey. 🙂

Family Selfies